Wednesday 29 June 2011

Two birds with one stone - Strawberry Banana Smoothie

The last post for June this year, and I'm being a bit cheeky really, so I hope that the organisers of the blog events that I'm submitting this for won't mind that it isn't an exclusive!

I recently treated myself to 'Hungry?' which is the new cookery book by Innocent (they of the making smoothies fame). I haven't had a proper chance to look through it yet, but was vastly pleased that a quick (random, even - can you see where this is leading???) flick through landed me on the smoothie page containing this recipe. I rather like smoothies and rarely buy them from the shops because they're just so expensive, so I was pleased to see that I could easily follow Innocent's recipe to make my own version of their smoothie. Because I don't often buy them I can't really give a direct comparison, but this was yummy! Simply whizz strawberries, bananas and apple juice (I cheated a little here by using good quality bought apple juice rather than squeezing my own, I also missed out the orange juice specified by the recipe) together, pour into a glass and enjoy!

I know it looks like there's not much there, but my glass was wider than I anticipated, so it looks a bit mean. Next time I'll pour into a narrower glass. It also looks much pinker in real life than these photos show, but I think that's possibly also the case for the bought smoothie - it doesn't look as pink in the plastic bottle as it does in a glass.

So no prizes for guessing that the first challenge I'm submitting this to is Dom's Random Recipe challenge - this month he challenged us to use our newest recipe book, in my case 'Hungry?' as you see above.

The second challenge I'm submitting this for is Breakfast Club - because breakfast should be more interesting than tea and toast or coffee and cereal. This event is coordinated by Helen at Fuss Free Flavours, and this month is hosted by Nayna of Simply Food with the theme of Berries. I'm really pleased that my strawberry smoothie fits this event, because it'd make a perfect breakfast - full of goodness to get the day off to the right start. To make it a bit more substantial you could add a handful of oats, but I didn't! It's sweet, but not too sweet, and light to drink, with the perfect balance of strawberry and banana flavours with the apple juice being a perfect carrier for the other flavours to shine. I was surprised at how sweet it was, but then my banana was very ripe!



Simplyfood said...

Thanks for this awesome entry.

Unknown said...

Lovely to be in such auspicious company. And well deserved cos it's a great recipe and looks good. I do love a smoothy! Thanks for taking part. Xx

Please Do Not Feed The Animals. said...

Well it certainly fits both challenges. I make smoothies here occasionally or probably more often milkshakes - so I would normally put banana, strawbs and milk in the blender. I should try it with apple juice next time.

Johanna GGG said...

I love smoothies and make them at home far more often than I buy them - I actually get a little suspicious of how sweet bought smoothies are - a handful of baby spinach is something I love to add to smoothies - your combination is one I love - apple juice is quite sweet as well as the banana so you don't really need any extra sweetener


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