Sunday 7 April 2013

A bready update

50% wholemeal spelt soured cream rolls

There haven't been very many bready posts recently at all (aside from the not-cross buns!). This is not because I'm not eating much bread, far from it. However I am often a creature of habit and when I find a recipe that works for me I tend to stick with it. Recently this has been Dan Lepard's Sour Cream Loaf. Not as a loaf though - as bread rolls. I've blogged about the recipe before and the original can be found on the Guardian website here.

Of recent times I have made 12 rolls from the recipe amounts, which suits me well as a lunchtime sized roll. I've also played with the flour a little too. At the top of the post you can see a batch I made using half wholemeal spelt flour, half standard strong white flour. These were good, and it's sometimes good to have a change from all white too.

Unbleached white soured cream rolls

Above you can see a batch made with organic, unbleached strong white flour. I bought this from a supermarket, but the producer is Gilchester Organics. Their website has areas for learning about their products and also recipes. (This is not a sponsored post - I'm just talking about the flour I bought). The flour is a creamy colour and produces bread that it neither white nor wholemeal. I think in terms of comparison the nutrient profile is probably similar to white flour but the flavour is different. The photo above is not the best - I thought I had a better one from one of the more recent batches I have baked, but it seems not - my recent batches look more like the top picture.  The crumb is close and even textured and very soft - delicious. And of course, using the soured cream bread recipe means that the whole house smells of warm cream while you are baking, which just cannot be a bad thing!

Small unbleached white soured cream loaf

So, what have you been baking recently? Anything I should try to lift me out of this (rather pleasant ) bread baking rut?


Johanna GGG said...

I hope to bake more bread now it is getting cooler - my olive oil and chia loaf is my favourite but I made a cottage cheese and chive (because I didn't have dill) loaf recently that I loved (it is on my blog if this appeals) - it was very savoury and very soft and tasty

Katie said...

Its great to find a good recipe.

Have you been watching Paul Hollywoods Bread on the BBC recently? He's done some really inetersting looking breads

Alicia Foodycat said...

I like the look of the unbleached white flour! What a wonderful colour!

celia said...

Caroline, what beautifully coloured rolls and loaves you've been baking! It's not a rut you're in, darling, it's a groove.. ;-)

Max Anderson said...

After spending a lot of time on Internet to know about recipe, I got to know your blog. I have gone through your blog and the recipe you have posted its really good food lover.

Choclette said...

Soured cream bread sounds so good, I can just imagine the smell when baking. I'm a real creature of habit too and I bake the same bread most weeks - it works and I don't want to mess with it. Although I added linseeds at Joanna's suggestion to today's batch, so that will be interesting.

The Caked Crusader said...

Those sour cream rolls look lovely.

Joanna @ Zeb Bakes said...

Lovely lovely rolls, I agree with Celia, you are groovy!

Just a side note though on the subject of bleaching, no flour is bleached in the UK these days as it is illegal; a producer describing their flour as unbleached is purely a marketing thing. There are big differences in how grain is milled and processed though which result in quite large variations in colour, flavour and so on.


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