Sunday 25 March 2012

Courgette, Raisin and White Chocolate Cakes

This will be a fairly brief post - a record of a good recipe that I think I'd probably like to make again some day. Unfortunately it wasn't very photogenic and I ran out of time to add a photogenic topping, meaning that the few photos I have aren't very attractive.

This is the opposite of the experience of eating the aforementioned cake, which is really rather enjoyable. I wanted something naturally green to enter We Should Cocoa this month, where the theme set by Chele is Green! And specifically not eco-green. Green green!

Courgettes are green, and so I decided on a cake with courgettes in it. Cake with courgettes in it is not really green - more brown. I used this recipe from Delicious. magazine. I did adapt it slightly though, so have given my list of ingredients below:

160g courgettes, grated
100g raisins
60g (4tbsp) lemon juice
2tbsp honey
3 large eggs
140g sunflower oil (using a .8 conversion from the weight given)
200g light muscovado sugar
225g self raising flour
1/2 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp bicarbonate of soda
100g chopped white chocolate

The instructions tell you to line a 12 hole large muffin tin. I'm not actually sure what size they mean because there would have been way too much mixture for my standard 12 hole muffin tin. There is an option to use a 23cm round tin to bake the mixture in, so I had already decided to use my 20cm square tin (rule of thumb that the same mixture will fill a square tin 1" smaller than the corresponding round tin). As I poured the mixture in I had the feeling that it wasn't all going to fit - my tin isn't very deep, and the batter was rather runny. I quickly put muffin cases into a 6 cup muffin tin that would fit alongside the cake tin in the oven, and filled 5 of the 6 holes with mixture. Hence the previous comment that there is no way I could have fitted all the mixture into a 12 hole standard tin. I think perhaps this should be made clearer in the recipe, most people only have one size of muffin tin, and would not take note of the 'large' part of the instructions.

Best part of the recipe - simmering the raisins with the lemon juice and honey - it just smelled so delicious! My muffins baked for 30 minutes and the large cake for about 45-50 minutes. Neither of them rose particularly to a peak - it isn't often you see a cake emerging that is entirely flat, but this one was! The cake was darker than I was expecting, but I guess this is due to the caramelisation of the sugars in the honey and the white chocolate. Most of the white chocolate sank to the bottom. I promise it was in there, it's just that the muffin I chose to cut open was sadly lacking on the white chocolate front!

I loved this cake - sweet, but not too sweet and very light and moist without being at all oily. The raisins and white chocolate were a lovely combination and I would make this again. It was popular at work - I wrote a little note to remind people that veggies in cakes are nice - just remember carrot cake! I think my colleagues are getting used to slightly random experiments appearing, so even those who usually use courgettes in soup are happy to try them in cake, which pleases me greatly! If you look hard, you can see that the cake has some little green flecks in it - that's courgette! And I was in 'think green' mode - I used my green knife, you can just see it at the back of the picture, to cut open the cakes!

As I have run out of time to make something more obviously chocolate-y (I promise the white choc was there!) and more obviously green, this will be my submission for this months We Should Cocoa. The challenge is hosted by Choclette of Choc Log Blog and Chele of Chocolate Teapot. The host this month is Chele and the theme (as I think I might have mentioned!) is green.


Suelle said...

Of course they're green; we believe you........!

They sound delicious, and that's a bit more important than appearance.

MissCakeBaker said...

I think you met the criteria - courgettes are definitely green! They look good too.

Baking Addict said...

I made a courgette cake once which was delicious. Your muffins look even better! I especially like the sound of simmering the raisins with the lemon juice and honey!! A great choice for we should cocoa - a healthy green :)

Unknown said...

Green is green! And these look divine!

Johanna GGG said...

Great idea for the theme - I thought of doing a zucchini cake but my dinosaur one got in first! I love zucchini in cakes and would really love one of these - and I don't need any fancy toppings - just green flecks

Choclette said...

Oh these sound really good. I've tried courgette with dark chocolate and without chocolate but never with white. And they look pretty too. Thanks for entering them to WSC - just lovely.

Caroline said...

Suelle - they're not very convincingly green are they! But they did taste delicious so like you say, that's the important thing!

MissCakeBaker - thanks!

Ros - thank you! Courgette cake is really lovely, but the best bit of this was definitely simmering the raisins, smelt so good!

Dom - thanks!

Johanna - your dinosaur cake was so good though! I do like using courgette in cakes, and like you, don't always want an oversweet topping. Sometimes the cake just doesn't need it.

Choclette - I was hoping that using white chocolate would let the green show through a bit more!


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