Wednesday 14 March 2012

Jam Buttermilk Muffins

Brief note to self - don't bother making these again, there are better ways of using up a tub of buttermilk. I seem to be having a run of making things that just aren't quite to my taste at the moment. Hope I snap out of it soon, very frustrating!

The recipe came from 'Muffins - Fast and Fantastic'. It's the basic buttermilk muffin recipe with a tsp of morello cherry jam added before baking. There is nothing intrinsically wrong with the recipe, it just isn't to my taste. Not quite sweet enough I think, and when the muffins were baked there was a slightly odd (and offputting) appearance to the tops of them.

Eaten up happily at work, which goes to show that everyone's tastes differ.


Janice said...

Always disappointing when things don't quite live up to your expectations! I think they look quite good, but that may just be your expert food styling ;-)

Anna's kitchen table said...

They look good, shame you were disappointed!

Caroline said...

Janice - thanks! I'm having a run of stuff I just don't really like at the moment!

Anna - they do look ok, and I'm sure they were ok, just not great! I'm being fussy!

Anonymous said...

They look pretty good to me - I've tried making jam-filled muffins before and the jam always sinks to the bottom!


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