Monday 9 June 2008

Red Velvet Cupcakes

One of the best things about the internet is being able to look at the cooking pages in all of the national newspapers without having to buy them - cheapskate, moi? - never!!! Anyway, when I saw a recipe for red velvet cupcakes in the Telegraph a couple of weeks ago the recipe really appealled to my sense of adventure, well, actually more to my sense of disbelief - a whole tablespoon of red food colouring - really??? I tend to be more of a natural/organic/wholesome type of girl really. So I had to try the recipe.

Well, the mixture really was red, as the photo below shows:

The cakes were quite easy to make, but the recipe specifies cupcake cases, which I took to mean smaller 'bun' or 'cake' cases. I think I should have used muffin cases. As it was, it didn't matter too much because the only tray I have is a muffin tray, so the mixture didn't overflow out of the cases and collapse, it overflowed and was supported by the muffin tin. Hence the sort of souffle floating effect.
I didn't do a cream cheese frosting, just a vanilla buttercream - note to self, do not start making buttercream with an electric whisk, use a fork first to start incorporating the icing sugar, unless you particularly enjoy breathing icing sugar!!! I attempted to pipe the mixture, but I think my piping nozzle was too small and the buttercream a little stiff so I gave up in favour of just smoothing the icing on.
The final effect was ok, but not quite the stunner I was hoping for.

Taste verdict: novelty value of red cake went down well, although no-one had ever heard of red velvet cake at work. Colleagues couldn't really taste the cocoa in the mixture, but they were generally well received. I didn't get a picture of the insides as they were all eaten, which speaks for itself really.

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