Saturday 28 June 2008

Flowers and chocolates

I mentioned in this post that I shouldn't really have been blogging as I was supposed to be revising. Well, last Monday I had a viva and the results of my exams were published and I was absolutely thrilled to have passed my MSc. I still have to finish writing up the project part of it and hand that in, but the exams were a major stress for me and I'm really glad they're over. Luckily it doesn't seem that blogging and baking instead of revising (!!!) did me too much harm, and I did better than I expected.
My MSc is part of my job, and my colleagues were very pleased that I'd done well, hence the absolutely gorgeous gerbera in the photo above. I love gerbera, but would never buy myself one, so I was very surprised and pleased to find that one of my bosses had bought me this. I also love sunflowers and roses - flowers that are bold and really make an impact are fabulous. Having said that, I also love freesia and many others too. Although I don't tend to buy flowers for myself, I'm lucky that J quite often brings me flowers when she visits, and in return I try and take flowers for her too!

The other part of my present was this lovely box of Green and Black's miniatures. I adore dark chocolate and eat it pretty much every day. It turns out that my boss also loves dark chocolate, but has more expensive taste than me! This was pretty much the perfect present for a chocoholic like me, who also happens to be allergic to nuts (d'oh!) as there are only two little bars that I'll have to pass on to friends. As a slight aside, the other generally safe collection for nut allergic chocoholics tend to be mint chocolates, like Bendicks. Manufacturers don't seem to mix nuts and mint. Luckily I love mint too!
So yippee for passing exams and I'll enjoy eating these little bars!

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