Sunday 6 May 2012

Chocolate Gingerbread Bundt Cake

Well turned out

Well, it turns out that the naff, wet weather we've been having recently has fooled my brain into wanting warming wintery cakes (that and chocolate, but the chocolate's pretty much a given around here...). What does this mean for me? Well, soft and spicy is often the way to go. These ginger and treacle scones have been keeping me going in the ginger stakes, but I really wanted something more cake-y than scones too. (And there might be an update to the scone recipe appearing soon - I remade them with a few tweaks that I want to record).

See the little bits of ginger trying to hide?

Enter this recipe from the ever reliable (and oh-so-easy-to-search) BBC Good Food website. It looks the part and the promise of rich deep flavour from the combination of spices, dark chocolate and stout was a winner. Except I don't generally have 100ml Guiness or stout just hanging around waiting to be used in a cake recipe. No fear, milk will make an adequate substitute, giving a different but equally satisfactory result.

The tin specified by the recipe is a 2 litre bundt tin. I poured water into mine and it held exactly 2 litres. Good result you would think! But actually, I didn't want to run the risk of the cake overflowing the edges of the tin and giving me cause to scrape remains from the base of the oven so I scaled the recipe back to 2/3 of that specified. I've given my quantities below. From past experience of this type of gingerbread, the batter goes in rather runny and even though I can never imagine it becoming coherent cake, it magically does, and usually rises well too. Hence the caution with the tin. I think (with hindsight) that the tin would have contained the full amount of batter, but as expected, the cake did rise quite well too, so I wasn't upset with having chosen to scale back the recipe.

Soft and moist and utterly luscious

Chocolate Gingerbread Bundt Cake
Ingredients (scaled to 2/3 of original recipe)
100g unsalted butter
66g golden syrup
50g treacle
115g dark muscovado sugar
90g dark chocolate (should have been 115g but 90g is what I had!)
2 balls stem ginger, chopped
65ml milk (I used semi skimmed)
1/2 tsp bicarb (scant)
135g plain flour
scant tsp baking powder
2 tsp ginger
1 tsp ginger
1/2 tsp allspice
2 eggs

In step two you add the bicarbonate of soda with the instruction that it will foam and froth up. I added my bicarb and for a couple of moments wondered if it was somehow past its best (yet still being well within its best before date) but then lo and behold, the foaming started. It wasn't uncontrollable, but it was a really weird mixture! Just don't be alarmed! I have to say that the technique of mixing the liquid into the dry works far, far better than adding the flour to the liquid ingredients. I have tried the dry into wet method before (as specified by Nigella for her gingerbread recipe) and inevitably end up with lumps of dry flour in the mixture, even if I sift the flour. From now on wet gradually into dry is the way forward.

Spot the pieces of ginger - yum!

I managed to leave my cake a full 4 days before cutting it (wrapped in clingfilm) and was rewarded with a deliciously moist, spicy cake full of flavour and a hint of chocolate, adding to the rich aromas and flavours of the cake. The cake wasn't overwhelmingly gingery or spicy but the spices all complemented each other well, being more than the sum of their parts, with the chocolate adding to this effect. The little chunks of stem ginger were really lovely too, and happily didn't all sink to the bottom as can sometimes be the case with gingerbreads. Can you tell I really, really love gingerbread? I'd thoroughly recommend this recipe, definitely a keeper.


Baking Addict said...

What a beautiful looking cake! Definitely one for the ginger lovers which sadly I'm not. I will have to bake this for everyone else though as it looks amazing.

Suelle said...

This looks really good - I love sticky gingerbread!

Anonymous said...

This looks and sounds delicious, and I really need to get more use out of my bundt tin... It does feel slightly unseasonable to make it in May or June though, but I'm sure we'll get another rainy weekend soon!

Anonymous said...

Leaving a cake for 4 days??!! Wow! I must try this - just bought my 1st bundt tin last week and have to christen it :) x

Choclette said...

That cake looks so attractive Caroline, I think I'd have a hard time cutting it. Mind you, it sounds very tempting, so I don't think I'd stand their admiring it for too long ;-)

I'm very glad to see it's not just me who is cavalier with ingredients and just uses what is available - it seems a very sensible approach.

Johanna GGG said...

your cake looks perfect - did you keep it 4 days just to admire the shape (ha ha)! I have only made a chocolate ginger cake once but was disappointed at the texture - this looks far softer so I must bookmark to try (it is really getting into wintery weather here so this is just the sort of cake I fancy)

claire said...

I saw this recipe in the original form but was a touch deterred by appearance - your post has totally swayed me as it looks a lot better without the glaze. Good to know the 'possible' is a keeper. Maybe I'd try icing only half...or just go the preferable route: make two!

pining for a functional kitchen right now...

Caroline said...

Ros - yes, I wouldn't recommend it if you don't like ginger! You'd be very kind to bake it for other people though!

Suelle - yes, so do I!

Hungryhinny - I don't think it's stopped raining here for weeks and weeks now!

Nic - good luck with christening your bundt tin. I love using mine!

Choclette - Thankyou! As I've done more baking I've decided that sometimes it's fine to be a bit free and easy with ingredients. As long as you don't mind a few disasters most things end up delicious anyway!

Johanna - thanks! I was impressed that I managed to resist for so long - hopefully I was rewarded by better flavour, it was certainly tasty.

Claire - yes, the original looks rather dark doesn't it. I think using milk rather than stout will have made my cake lighter as well as omitting the glaze. Hope you get your kitchen back soon.


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