Monday 11 May 2009

Hummingbird chocolate cupcakes

Yep, more chocolate. Well, what do you expect from a chocoholic? I promise that there will be some non-chocolate related posts coming up soon, but in the meantime, just enjoy the chocolate!

I saw the Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook a couple of weeks ago and resisted it's siren call to be bought, but then I discovered I had a voucher for WHSmith that gave me £5 off, and the deed was done, simple as that. I decided that since I'd succumbed to buying the book I really ought to get round to making something out of it pretty quickly. The number of cookery books I've bought, meaning in all honesty to make lots of things in them, that then just sit and gather dust or occasionally get a quick browse is embarassing. I'm pleased to say that this isn't one of those books.

I don't really know why it appealed so much, you can probably guess that I've already got plenty of baking books - why would I need another? Well, why indeed but I'm ever so glad that I bought this one, because it was worth it simply for this recipe alone. Living 'oop North' I've obviously never visited the Hummingbird Bakery itself (it being in London) so I can't compare these against the genuine article, but I can say they're excellent.

I usually make my cupcakes with a 2 egg, 4oz flour, sugar, butter mixture, plus extras - vanilla, flavours etc but this recipe is different. These aren't huge cupcakes, but are perfect for a small treat in the middle of the morning or afternoon. I really, really recommend buying this book for the recipe - so worth it!

The thing that really made them stand out to me was their lightness. They were beautifully moist and almost dissolved or melted in the mouth in a most pleasing way. The rich yet light buttercream icing was the perfect complement to the beautiful cake. I will definitely be making these again.

Needless to say, my colleagues loved them. Quote of the day has to go to one colleague whose comment was thus: 'I really loved the cakes, but the ball-bearings were a bit hard on my teeth!'. So beware if you decide to decorate with 'ball-bearings' as I did - they are not for the dentally challenged!!!


natalia said...

They are so cute ! I'll avoid the ball bearings !

Maria♥ said...

Don't you just love this book?? Your cupcakes look gorgeous and I have these book-marked!


♥Rosie♥ said...

From one chocoholic to another these cupcakes look amazing!! I'm just the same from 'oop North' and haven't had a chance to visit the bakery. The Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook is one of my favourite baking books too.

Rosie x

Maggie said...

Lovely cupcakes from this wonderful book. It is a great book to bake from.

Anonymous said...

how many does the recipe make ?

Caroline said...

It makes 12, hence needing to line a 12 hole muffin tin with paper cases ;-)

They aren't huge though, so I'm sure you could make fewer, larger cakes. In which case you'll probably need even less of the icing, but you'll need to let them cook for longer.

Anonymous said...

i made these yesterday for my sons 21st and they were delicious! thanks for sharing ;)

Emma said...

It is THE BEST chocolate cupcake recipe!
Emma :)


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