Monday 10 June 2013

Easy No-Churn Banoffee Ice-Cream

Well, it appears that warmer weather has finally found the UK over the past couple of weeks (although I am nervous to say it for fear of driving it away again!). So to celebrate the warmth I thought I'd make ice-cream. I thought it would be nice to make something quite quick and easy and a little cheat-y too but that doesn't mean that this won't be delicious.

Inspired by Kavey's Bloggers Scream for Ice-cream challenge many months ago (July 2012) I have been intending to make no-churn ice-cream for a long time. Using sweetened condensed milk and whipped cream as the base for the ice-cream means that you don't need to churn it to get a smooth, crystal free ice-cream, perfect for people without an ice-cream machine.

Easy No-Churn Banoffee Ice-Cream
300ml whipping cream
200g (half a tin) condensed milk, chilled to speed the freezing process
150g Bonne Maman Confiture de Caramel (or use Nestle's Carnation Caramel)
2 small to medium ripe bananas (or large, depending on taste)
You'll also need a freezer-proof container or two depending on size

- Whip the cream until it reaches the soft peak stage, don't overwhip.
- Whisk in the condensed milk until you have a combined mixture with soft peaks.
- Chop the bananas into the mixture.
- In order to get a caramel swirl you have two options
      - if your freezer-proof container is big enough you can pour the banana mixture into the container, then add the caramel and swirl carefully.
        - if you're going to be tight on space, swirl the caramel into the mixture in your mixing bowl but then don't mix too much more as you pour it into the container to freeze.
- Freeze for at least three hours or until solid. (I left mine overnight)

Serve with extra caramel (for more luxury) and extra banana (for more health!). If the ice-cream has hardened too much, allow it to soften a little in the fridge or at room temperature to make it scoopable.

I was recently contacted by Fruitdrop - a company who deliver boxes of fruit to workplaces and asked if I wanted to develop a recipe for them. I used bananas to make my ice-cream. They delivered one of their fruit boxes to my house (although the driver looked most confused - he said he'd never delivered to a residential property before!) and were very accommodating about having to work around me leaving the house at a rather early hour.

A Fruitdrop fruit box - with rubbish lighting - sorry!

I wasn't asked to review the contents of the box, but actually, I want to. As well as being very helpful to work with the quality of the fruit in the box was very high indeed - all of the fruit was fresh and unblemished - it had obviously been packed and transported with care (including nectarines!) and I think the quality was probably better than equivalent supermarket fruit. The box contents were as follows: 16 bananas, six pink lady apples, ten satsumas, two nectarines, three peaches, four gala apples, six packham pears and a huge bunch of grapes. The nectarines, peaches and pears were under-ripe, but this is understandable given that they cannot be transported ripe and given a couple of days would have been fine. You can find out more about Fruitdrop boxes for offices here - there is pricing information and I think my box was a 'Seasonal' one. 

Selection of fruit from the box

As I'm not such a fruit bat that I could have eaten all of the fruit before it went off I took the box to work to share with colleagues and quite a number of them commented about the high quality of the fruit. They were also very pleased to have a refreshing change from cakes!!! Sadly the organisation I work for does not have the capacity to take this idea on, but if it did I'm sure it'd be well received.

Thank you to Fruitdrop and Alice for the box.

This is a sponsored post, however I was not required to write a positive review; all views expressed are my own (or my colleagues'!).


Alicia Foodycat said...

The ice cream looks really good! That no-churn condensed milk base is such a winner!

Johanna GGG said...

I've been meaning to try that no churn ice cream with condensed milk too - sounds my sort of thing - love the banoffee riff.

And the fruit sounds interesting - we had a fruit delivery to our workplace for a while and it was really nice to have it on offer

The Caked Crusader said...

Lovely - I make my own ice cream too; it's so much nicer

Jacqueline Meldrum said...

It's a great recipe, isn't it? I made a Raspberry Ripple & White Chocolate Ice Cream with the recipe. Love your variation!

Choclette said...

Your ice-cream looks so good C. I've made a variation on this one a number of times since discovering it via Kavey's challenge last year, but I never seem to get any decent photographs. Hope you liked it so much you will be up for making some more for We Should Cocoa :)

The fruit box looks fantastic, what a lovely thing to get.

carolyn w. said...

The recipe using condensed milk is a winner every time. I've done a few variations of my own and lived them all.For those interested in cutting down on some of the calories, the recipe works every bit as well with the 'light' version of the condensed milk.


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